Mobile Payments

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Twenty-some-odd years ago, it would have been a given – when you start a business, you needed to get a merchant account and rent a credit card terminal.

Expensive. Confusing. Could you trust that you were getting the best deal? As a fledgling business, could you count on generating enough monthly income to cover the cost of the terminal? Which cards should you accept – Visa & MasterCard, yes. American Express, maybe?

Who would have dreamt then that it would be possible one day to use a mobile phone to take credit card payments, with minimal add-on equipment and without expensive monthly fees.

Mobile payments company Square has become a game changer in their nascent industry and is already inspiring competitors. They have challenged the “Big Boys” in the payment processing industry by dropping their percentages and transaction fees, as well as eliminating monthly fees. Furthermore,  they have made a free mobile app for iPad, iPhone, and Android phones that is drop-dead simple to use, and they give users a free card reader for card processing.

Imagine being able to take your food truck to the weekend round-up and take payments all day and all night. Or if you are a handyman, how great would it be to get paid on the spot and not have to make a run to the bank, hoping all the while that the check will clear?

If this sounds like something your business might benefit from, we can help you establish your account, and give you support and training.

If you would like to discuss how we can promote your company or organization through email marketing and social media, please contact us.

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