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Email marketing is fast becoming the way to stay in contact with your customers. And why not? If you have a customer email list, then you have an audience who has self-identified as being interested in your message, your products or your services. Having a website is important in todays business climate, but why not put your message right in to your customer’s inbox?

We can conduct Email Marketing on behalf of your company at a variety of service levels:

    • List Management – We can host and manage all of the members who are subscribed to your email marketing list. Subscriptions ( and Un-subscriptions ) must be handled in way that allows the customer to opt-in or opt-out of your mailings


    • Content Creation – We can create the text of your email communications, or edit the content that you provide.


    • Branding – We can create email templates that re-enforce your company’s brand or image. An email message with a consistent looking, professionally designed template will not only be something your customers look forward to getting, it will be something that they actually read.


  • Coordinated Marketing – We can design email marketing campaigns to compliment your existing marketing efforts, on a predefined schedule.


If you would like to discuss how we can promote your company or organization through email marketing and social media, please contact us.

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