We offer our clients many different options when it comes to attracting new customers and connecting with existing customers:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is fast becoming the way to stay in contact with your customers. And why not? If you have a customer email list, then you have an audience who has self-identified as being interested in your message, your products or your services. Having a website is important in todays business climate, but why not put your message right in to your customer’s inbox?

We can conduct Email Marketing on behalf of your company at a variety of service levels:

  • List Management – We can host and manage all of the members who are subscribed to your email marketing list. Subscriptions ( and Un-subscriptions ) must be handled in way that allows the customer to opt-in or opt-out of your mailings
  • Content Creation – We can create the text of your email communications, or edit the content that you provide.
  • Branding – We can create email templates that re-enforce your company’s brand or image. An email message with a consistent looking, professionally designed template will not only be something your customers look forward to getting, it will be something that they actually read.
  • Coordinated Marketing – We can design email marketing campaigns to compliment your existing marketing efforts, on a predefined schedule.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a term to describe the various online services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many others. These services have become the equivalent of “Word of Mouth” advertising for the new generation. Just like any other form of advertising, using Social Media sites to promote your business requires a thoughtful plan of action. Done right, these plans can enhance your business profile; done wrong and your company’s image can be badly damaged.
We will work with you identify the best Social Media sites on which to promote your business and help you to remain in regular contact with your customers. We will also help you use positive and negative input gained from customer interaction to improve your business, your customer relationships, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Website Hosting

Having a website has become a necessity in today’s business climate; without one, you are not likely to be taken seriously. We can provide you with the following services:

  • Domain Registration – having the right domain, or web address, can make the difference between having customers find you online or not even know you exist. We will help you find the best available name, something that is easy to remember ( and easy to type ).
  • Website Hosting – you need a place on the internet to save the files or pages you want people to see. We can host your website on our servers or arrange for website hosting with reliable web hosting providers.
  • Website Design – this goes hand in hand with website hosting. A professionally designed website goes a long way to lend credibility to your business. Whether you choose to have a website designed from the ground up or use a CMS ( Content Management System ) like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, we can create a website that reflects your business and your brand.
  • Email Setup – with your Domain Registration comes the ability to have email addresses for each of your employees or for specific means of contact, i.e., john.q.public@YourCompany.com,  info@YourCompany.com, support@YourCompany.com, or any other address you can think of. We can set up your email accounts, addresses, and forwards to make sure you get the most out of this investment.


Blogging is a way that you can communicate with readers about topics of interest to your business through your website. Again, done right, a blog can enhance your customer relationships and solidify your image in their mind. Done poorly, a blog can diminish your standing in customers’ eyes.

We can incorporate a blog into your website or through a separate blog provider such as Tumblr, WordPress, or BlogSpot. And as always, we can provide the content for your blog, at your direction.