Instagram -> How-to

Instagram -> How-to

on Sep 23 in Photography, Photosharing, Social Media by

I ran across this article on about Instagram and the big-name companies who are getting lots of mileage out of this fast-growing photo sharing app:

Instagram has indeed captured the childlike wonder of many iPhone users (yes we know, they NEED an android app). How many? Well, even though the 6 person company will be a year old in October 2011, they are on the verge of 10 million total users and have over 200 million photos uploaded so far.

That’s 15 photos uploaded per second.

Momentum? Check.

And along the way, more than a few brands have noticed the hottest photo sharing app out there.

Using Instagram is a breeze, not to mention lots of fun! And it can be a great way, along with other social media sites, to showcase your company. If you would like to discuss how we can promote your company or organization through email marketing and social media, please contact us.

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